Jobs Description

  • Develop onboarding training content to ensure new rider understanding how to start working effectively
  • Oversee both online and offline training which include existing and product updates
  • Create a curriculum to facilitate strategic training for both new and existing rider based on the organization's goals
  • Adopt trends, methods, technologies, and technical personnel required to manage and deliver educational training required
  • Keep abreast of training trends, developments and best practices from rider’s interests, stakeholders, competitors, and industry
  • Effectively communicate with team members and management to align objectives and timeline
  • Review existing training programs, suggest enhancements and modifications to improve engagement, learning to meet the changing needs of the organization
  • Ensure that training materials and programs are current, accurate, and effective


    • Project management
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong graphic design ability
    • Great product knowledge
    • Thorough understanding of training processes
    • Ability to moderate large groups
    • Bachelor degree or equivalent