LINE MAN - Fleet Operations Manager


  • Take charge of operations planning and strategy and oversee budget planning and usage
  • Develop, implement and review operation procedures
  • Work with the Expansion team to achieve assigned order and fulfillment target
  • Identify and solve day-to-day operational issues and the underlying causes as they arise
  • Support team members’ communication with the entire team
  • Recruit, train, assign, schedule, coach and counsel the team members
  • Set standard and scope of work for the team members
  • Maintain operations and overall KPI
  • Implement a motivation scheme for riders
  • Manage overall inventory and stock for local office and rider acquisition activities


  • Bachelor's degree in operations management or related field
  • Experience in management, operations, and leadership
  • Understanding of finance and budget, including profit and loss, legal and team management
  • Solid understanding of expansion and fleet management
  • Data processing skills
  • Reporting, critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work overtime and weekend
  • Ability to travel upcountry and abroad
  • Excellent Thai and English communication skills